29 April 2011

Belgirate Live!

Lungolago at Belgirate - Lake Maggiore.
Ideal place for quiet vacations of some spring and summer days 


Evviva Belgirate - Belgirate Live!



Belgirate, la Chiesa Nuova vista dal Lungolago. Rest and wellness between lake beaches and sweet hills, lot of green gardens and parks, trekking and sports, programs for culture and food



Very, very beautifull village is Belgirate, on Lake Maggiore. Come to visit it, between Arona and Stresa, very close to Lesa. 



  One of the boats points, close to the Spiaggia Nuova (the new beach)

Come, and enjoy the lake of Belgirate, its shores, its wonderfool landscapes made of colourfull houses, its rich gardens, its monuments, its amazing historich villas and old houses. Come and enjoy its hills full of green, forests, and sweet scent of flowers. Come here, and taste Belgirate live, thinking deeply.



Belgirate, Villa Treves site (photographed by Luigi Bellini)



Come and savor the pleasures of its history and its culture. 



Belgirate, the secolar park of Villa Carlotta



Come, and stay in Belgirate, or in Lesa, to spend your quiet and very different vacation, made of trekkings, good foods, relaxing meeting with sun and lake, divings into history, and, sometimes, on summer season, good music at "Chiesa Vecchia"

(place of historical concerts wellknown all around the world!)



Below: Monumental climb to the Belgirate's Chiesa Vecchia (the old church),

magico, incantato luogo di silenzio e pace, uno dei più suggestivi di tutto il territorio verbanese



Above: Villa Cairoli, an immage take from the Lungolago

Lussureggianti giardini coronano la casa appartenuta alla famiglia che ha lasciato in eredità al paese pagine assai dense di storia patria



  Quiet, peaceful lakeside atmosphere belgiratese synonymous with well-being, confidence, optimism and deep thinking ...


Tranquilla, serena atmosfera lacustre belgiratese, sinonimo di benessere, fiducia, ottimismo e profondità di  pensiero...    (photographed by Luigi Bellini)


Belgirate, 29 aprile 2011  

Testo e foto di Enrico Mercatali

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