02 August 2010

Usellini house, in Arona, for the first time hosts a musical event, opening its doors to public

"Lago Maggiore Musica" 2010 (Maggiore Lake Music 2010) opens this years Usellini house’s doors, on Thursday the 29th of July, for a concert by “Anima Quartet”, a string quartet winner of the 1st Prize International Contest “Franz Schubert” in Graz 2009.
The evening, which had in program musical pieces by Schubert, Beethoven and Cajkovskij, has underlined the rigorous preparation, almost strict, of the young performers from San Pietroburgo, learned in the romantic repertory and in pieces of great executive difficulty.
The Quartert’s performance was spaced out by D 703 in C min. allegro by Franz Schubert, The Quartet in F min. op. 95 n. 11, called “unsmiling Quartet” by Beethoven, and the Quartet in F. min. op. 30 n. 3 in E flat minor by Cajkovskij, pieces chosen from “ White Nights” by Dostoevskij, read with great intensity and technical preparation by Corrado D’Elia, Prize Luigi Pirandello for the Theatre 2009, as well as prize of the national Association of the Theatre Critics 2010.

Anima Quartet in concert – Arona, Usellini house, 29th of July 2010 (1st International Prize “Franz Schubert” in Graz 2009) .

A mixture of prose and music definitely successful and very pleasant, which has obtained long applauses from the public. The latter, big enough to fill all the available chairs inside the small internal courtyard of the house, open on the garden behind, has fully proved its total liking for the evening.

In our turn, we are always enthusiastic observers of experimental events of any kind, both artistic, explanatory and logistic, and even this time the innovative idea of opening Usellini house’s doors has hit the mark, turning out an event of great cultural and artistic interest.

Both of the qualities, in fact, have excelled in the program’s contents, where the association of well-chosen pieces of prose and music, of a really high level, has accompanied the qualities of the site, so intimate and precious, so pleasant and homely.

Usellini house, Arona (No) – the actor Corrado D’Elia reads pieces from “White Nights” by Dostoevskij.

We were used to seeing, in fact, the only Usellini house’s facade on Pertossi street, of imposing late-mannerism conception despite its modest dimensions, and we wanted to see the internal part too. So, we used the occasion of the musical evening to make the visit that we had waited for a long time, and also to peek into the low ground’s rooms for getting an idea of the furniture.

Usellini house, Arona (No). The internal court of the sixteenth-century palace, small but secluded and well-proportioned, is open on the garden behind. It is an ideal site for small concerts. Even the acoustics, helped from the end wall of the eighteenth-century villa, has turned out good to all purposes and intents.

Personally, when I was young I have had fleeting relations, even if rich in pathos, with the Master Gianfilippo Usellini, because we were sort of “neighbours”, when I attented high school in Brera and sometimes I walked out the “designed ornament” classroom to go into his charming personal studio, when he teached Paintry at the Accademia.

I’ve been also a friend of his daughter, when, during the years right after my graduation, i teached in a high school in Milan, and since she was one of my colleagues, i have taken advantage of her experience to make her come with me to the big personal posthumous exhibition of his father, which took place in the Permanente in Milan, so that i could see his opera omnia (hundreds of paintings that I hadn’t seen yet).

Usellini house in Arona (No). One of the house’s rooms that face the internal court. The furnishings are various, oriented on tradition, with noteworthy details members of a collection developed from generation to generation.
A painted ceiling of a room.

Here is the reason for my interest and attachment to the figure of Usellini, and to his work, so imaginative and poetic, so surreal and ironic at the same time, an interest and attachment that increased when I started attending regularly Arona and Maggiore Lake, his place of residence, become afterwards mine too.

Usellini house, Arona (No). Main facade of the eighteen-century villa that faces the triple-portico with balcony of the sixteen-century palace. Between them, the small garden. The whole is really particular, since we are in the old town centre, right below the famous Rocca borromea, so beloved by the painter.

The event has been inserted between the articles pointed out by INTERNATIONAL NOTEBOOKS, because the opening of a new site for our territoty’s summer appointments must be considered an event itself, as a result of creativity and “cultural adventure spirit”, all aspects that Notebooks pursues and motivates.

Look also at the page "Icons": di Gianfilippi Usellini, L'Allegoria di Arona.

Enrico Mercatali
Arona, July 30th 2010

(Translation from italian by Penelope Mirotti)

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