29 June 2010

For a creative and transparent tourism

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For a creative and transparent tourism

One of the most beautifull images of The Buddha in the Torino Museum of Oriental Art (MAO)
(photo by Enrico Mercatali)

The Toce Falls, in the highest part of Formazza Valley, one of the most impressive off all the Alps. The falls are open during the summer season, at particular times, we suggest to verify day by day. 
On the right: The Formazza Hotel, progect by the architect Piero Portaluppi

With these notes we give start to “Taccuini Internazionali” (International Note-books), that Casabella- Lago Maggiore suggests you, through the channels dedicated to its promotion and touristic welcoming activity.
Taccuini Internazionali is born to give life to a place of elaborations and dialogues around the open issues of a problematically growing tourism, like the italian one of today.
The spaces in which it will move are the ones of a web-magazine, made out not just of words and images of our lake (or other places able to couple people’s dreams of escape), but, at the contrari, made out of open issues, to be faced with critical spirit and realistic remarks, around the reasons that prompt us to “ make tourism”, both as tourists or as tourism creators, in ways the less “assumed” or superficial possible.
We would like this space, in which we can constantly look for the best ourselves, and induce others to do the same, provided that they have useful things to say about tourism, to be able to underline the value of the binomial “tourism/creativity”, which has to be an integral and essential part of the binomial “tourism/transparency”, both for the ones who make tourism in order to experience the good-tourist qualities on themselves, and for the ones who suggest it to others, with products and services able to activate a seduction corresponding to reality, in terms of an offer able to be recognized, when you live it, corresponding to what was promised through words or images.
We tought about creating Taccuini, us from Casabella, from the piedmontese side of the lake, as people piedmontesized from Milan, but also as italians (and obviously world citizens), to try to assign the more space possible, and more than what is normally given to the common idea of tourism, to the creative dimension of the touristic project, so as we once tried ourselves to give it to the dimension of the architectonic project, when, as architects, we were into environmental and building trade designing activities. And we would like to do all of this by perceiving how essential for the project not just the image is, in itself and as a pure fact of style, but its own real structure, both in terms of organization and validity of roots.

Today, since we are taking care of touristic issues, once again, like then, we’re looking for a dimension that is alive to individual people’s various and true interests, but also to the dimension of masses that, collectively, live in search of a particular well-being, the one which, making tourism, you don’t live in a normal-day moments, but the one belonging to rare occasions, the one which would like to give back to a person, in those occasions at least, the most ancestral image of itself, the one of existing to acquire or spread pure experience of itself, discovering the world around us, or maybe discovering ourselves as we simply allow ourselves to live.
Within this goal, we think that the creative factor together with that of transparency could become the only binomial able to assign it a complete sense, both when we are about to invent, to create a travel’s scene, or a travel moment’s scene, to offer something good to ourselves, making tourism as tourists (at most projecting to prowl at random in a certain place of the world that we chose to discover in its essence), and when we invent tourism as operators, when we think about scene to be composed for carefree but conscious tourists, to leave an indelible trace in their minds, if we will be able to offer a good answer to essential needs.

But it’s important first of all that we explain where this particular notion of “transparent creativity tourism” was born in us.

It’s been a year that we have sent and received e-mails from the most different corners of the world, here, from the piemontese coast of Lago Maggiore, both to promote the welcoming forms suggested by Casabella, and to exercise them in ways we have already tested for over a year with great success, and to draw and attribute, into the Taccuini themselves, synthetic notes of ideas or hints able to add in them the actuality “coloritura” or valuable suggestions for the future.
From the pure and simple welcoming, the our one, carried out in a minimalist B&B structure, with the ambition of being a living laboratory of qualitative ways of meeting the most different people, to the projection to the most abstract imaginary where the events from the local actuality till the most general work hypotheses, where inspiration and authenticities would like to be conjucated in genuine relationships between people, but also in ideas in which the implicitly present actors can recognize themselves, into the pure tecnichal data or in the deepest folds of the notion of “travel” itself.
And it is this way that we from Casabella have wanted to make of our house and ourselves a “frank territory”, taking advantage of the fact that, besides being a place particularly prized for us, it has become really appreciated by its guests too, since it’s been a stage of the various travel fragments that it has been able to represent. And so we noticed that we could offer to them not only a service, but something that could overcome the pure exercise of routine, which is an access to the experiences of the unexpected, first of all for ourselves, but also for everybody of them, establishing personal contacts with the various travels that they were setting out on.
All of this will be recorded by our Taccuini, besides imagining new and different sceneries within a future made out of a reality which is developing, even though they’re still attached to this territory of the Lakes, with its perennial history. They will offer the most adapt land because, since they are International even geographically, they will have the main purpose of giving back our espressed conviction that good ideas don’t have a homeland, and above all that they always turn out into concrete, tangible, indelible effects, even just telling or divulging them.
The travel is also this, for us, for the guests of Casabella and for all of those who want to express their voice, or find their ideas, in other people’s territories of thought, expectation, search, experience, knowledge, comparison, exchange, coincidence, enthusiasm and delight, care, narration and listening, communication, play…
We experiment all of this daily, carrying out an activity that allows us to us interact not just with people, but with the certainty that they’re trying to come into contact with themselves, more than with others. What we would like to find are connections between our and everyone else’s experience. And that’s why our work can’t boil down to a pure conjunction link in an already formed chain, but it has to become for us a way of being and living. It would like, if possible, to transfer interests into other interests, provoking and accumulating new germinations.

Inventing tourism this way, following the two extreme points of view, both of the ones who exercise it in their own home, and the ones who suggest wider projects or ideas extended to all the potential users, must and can correspond to a mental state, in the forms of a dream projection to the future…

A tourism, if seen this way, it’s also a way to weave philosophy, practising it while you live it, and making it practicable for others, in a totally double way.

Through the ways and goals described so far, we would like today to talk about an italian tourism more similar for structure to the international one. We would like to at least imagine a tourism that could spread from our Country to the world, with more credibility and coincidence, making us become leaders, not just for the patrimony that distinguishes our Country, but above all for the ways of managing and suggesting it, inventing and offering it to the world. We would like to see this dream come true, by seeing that our Country has forms of tourism richer of human resources and singular abilities, and not just of pure survival around the natural and historical ones, which abound to the point of overcoming the first ones for simple mental indifference and laziness, but also for cultural insufficiency and inefficiency.

Enrico Mercatali

(Translated from Italian by Penelope Mirotti)

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