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Spettacolare fotografia della rocca borromaica di Angera, di fronte ad Arona

La funivia del Mottarone, che collega Carciano (Stresa) ad Alpino (Giardino Alpinia) alla vetta del Mottarone. Salendo si può godere la magnifica veduta del Golfo Borromeo con le sue isole Madre, Bella e Superiore (o dei Pescatori)

A visit to the territory takes not less than two complete days (with a permanence of 3 nights)

A complete visit, rich of possible adventurers, 
takes at least one week.

Stresa: Isola Bella - Lago Maggiore (Golfo Borromeo - Verbania)

Casabella Bed and Breakfast - Lake Maggiore, in its green and quiet placement close to the Piemontese banks of the lake, between the town of Arona and the Borromeo gulf, is in the center of a wide and easily reacheable area, one of the richest in Europe for history, culture, production ability and natural beauties, which includes, to the south part of it, the big towns of Milan and Turin, and to the north, over the lakes, the Switzerland Alps with their extensive and almost incontaminate natural beauties.

Monte Rosa (Macugnaga - Ossola). "Condiviso da Piemonte e Valle d'Aosta, "il Rosa" è una delle montagne più ammirate dell'arco alpino e la valle del Lys offre opportunità uniche per apprezzarne le bellezze e conoscere la cultura della sua gente. Mentre i fondali si disegnano di ghiacciai, da Pont-Saint-Martin risaliamo la valle del Lys e conosciamo la minoranza linguistica di stirpe germanica, i Walser, che oltre alla parlata conserva usanze risalenti al Medioevo"

 The very big range of economic, agricultural, craft, industrial activities and their trade and fair showcases, in addition to its great potential for tourism and leasure, make it a highly attractive land, in every way, continuosly growing and in ferment of evolution: a concentrated unique and unrepeatable for quality and variety, available in a day to anyone who would like to experience it.

Casabella, and its hospitality, is just in the center of it, combining, in the island of quietness and natural beauty that characterize it all over the world, high quality standards and very suitable prices.

Orta (Lago d'Orta), Mimmo Paladino, 2009

The territory on which Bed and Breakfast Casabella faces itself, in terms of cultural offerings, is also among the most compelling and diversified, both for the presence of the most famous historical-artistic monuments and museum and for prestigious events of every kind and nature, literary and musical, theatrical and cultural, publishing and film, food and wine, botanical and trade show that the calendar constantly updates.

In this area, but also in that one more directly linked to us, both in summer and winter, several sporting activities within great attractions landscapes may be practiced, including golf, sailing, skiing , horse riding, cycling, swimming, trekking, etc.
The offer is huge for any recreational or entertainment activity that you want to do, either immersed in nature or inside structures for every activities you are interested in.

Our resort offers to its guests a list of places of international interest with the mileage indication of the distance from the B  and B Casabella (maximum distance approximately one hour by car):

Centovalli e Vigezzo Railway, connecting Locarno to Domodossola. Taccuini Internazionali racomand to his guests on Lago Maggiore to try this tour Stresa-Locarno (by speedy boat)-Domodossola (by Centovalli Express)-Stresa (FF.SS.)
  • Malpensa International Airport (36 Km)
  • Town of Milano (77 km): Duomo of Milan, Teatro alla Scala, Leonardo's Last Supper, Pinacoteca di Brera, Castello Sforzesco, the "Fashion District”, Milan Fair, Expo 2015
  • Town of Turin (130 Km): Egyptian Museum, Teatro Regio, Museo del Cinema, Lingotto (Pinacoteca Gianni e Marella Agnelli), Museum of Oriental Art, Rivoli, Stupinigi, Racconigi and Venaria Reale Castels

    The Reggia of Venaria Reale (Turin). The famous Diana's corridor, one of the most beautifull piece of architecture of XVIII century in Piedmont (Italy). Go to visit also Royal palaces of Rivoli (Museum of Modern Art), Racconigi and Stupinigi

    • Switzerland: city of Locarno (68 Km), Bellinzona (89 km), Lugano (70 Km).
    • Alpine and subalpine scenary (Monte Rosa-Macugnaga 73 km, Ossola Valleys (Formazza 93 km, Vigezzo 70 km, Lakes Maggiore, Como 69 Km ed'Orta 24 Km)
    • Golf des Iles Borromees (7 Km)
    • Stresa Festival “Settimane musicali” (7 km)

    Below is a list of places of national and international tourist attraction, with details on the mileage distance from the B & B Casabella (reached in 15 / 50 minutes):

    Villa Taranto (Verbania-Intra), very very big example of italian style garden, one of the most beautifull in the wordl. Cambiano le fioriture lungo tutto l'arco dell'anno. Open from march to novembre (si consiglia di verificarne l'apertura prima di effettuare la visita)

    • The botanical gardens of the Borromeo Islands, Villa Taranto and Villa Pallavicino
    • Borromean palaces on omonymous islands and the Fortress of Angera
    • The Sacred Mountains (of Orta, Ghiffa, Varese, Varallo, Domodossola, Arona and San Carlone colossus)

    Sacra di San Michele, complesso architettonico monastico in Val di Susa (Torino)
    • The Novara hills and its DOC and DOCG wine centers in the province of Novara (Gattinara, Ghemme, Sizzano, Fara, Briona, Boca, Maggiora, etc..)
    • Ossola valleys (Vigezzo Antigorio, Divedro, Formazza, Valgrande)

    Sacro Monte di Varallo, facente parte del Patrimonio dell'Umanità (Unesco) 
    costituito dai 7 Sacri Monti piemontesi
    • Naturals reserves of Alpe Veglia and Alpe Devero
    • Famous rice from Vercelli, among the best in Europe (and his very well known dishes like “Paniscia”.

    La Paniscia, very tipical novarese dish
    a base di riso, fagioli, cavolo-verza, lardo, cotenne di maiale e salame de la duja
    • Steel and home design (the productive areas arrond Omega - lake of Orta)
    • Mottarone (1491 m.) and Alpinia Garden (reachable by cable car from Stresa)
    • Marble, porphyry and granite (the extractive industries of Ossola)
    • Varese and omonymous lake (and Comabbio, Biandronno and Monate lakes)
    • The monastery of Santa Caterina del Sasso

    Santa Caterina del Sasso, monastero affacciato sulla sponda lombarda del Lago Maggiore, tra Angera e Laveno. Può essere raggiunta, oltre che in auto, anche con motonave in partenza da Stresa (Verbania)

    • The tour Stresa – Locarno – Centovalli -Vigezzo – Domodossola (FS) - Stresa
    • The city of Verbania (Suna, Intra and Pallanza)
    • The north-western town of Lake Maggiore (Cannero and Cannobio)
    • Alpino Golf
    • The Park of Ticino (cycle routes between the farms, rivers, irrigation channels, beaches, historical towns
    • Mergozzo lake and the Toce river, with its bike paths to Condoglia
    • Monferrato and Oltrepo Pavese, with its fine wine and wineries
    • The Natural Park of Lagoni of Mercurago (archaeological sites)
    • The wildlife park "La Torbiera" in Agrate Conturbia
    • The thermal places of Crodo, Trasquera with hot water from the same vein of Leukerbad (CH), Craveggia and Premia.

    Una veduta da Comnago (Lesa) verso Angera

    During the year 2009, the above mentioned places were visited at least once by Casabella’s guests, from the United States of America,

    Israel, Finland, England, Denmark, Holland and all European countries close to us, especially France.

    In cima al Mottarone, dai parcheggi e dall'arrivo della funivia


    P A R C O    N A Z I O N A L E     V A L    G R A N D E 

    Wandern und Trekking in der größten Wildnis Italiens - das ultimative Bergabenteuer in einem der unerschlossensten Gebiete der Alpen!

    Deutsch guide, deutsh guests in Casabella
    Guida tedesca, ospiti tedeschi di Casabella.

    Our very friendly hosts in Casabella, Julia and Sumit Parmar, Ulm, were to visit the Val Grande, with a guide. They have left us these photographs made by themselfs within one of the largest natural parks in Europe, in integral reserve. We have spoken of their guide, a deutsch man who came to Italy just to do this job, charming and extremely lonely.

    The guide suggest you his mail address:
    Other guides suggest you their languages:
    ed anche in italiano:

    Il colosso del San Carlone, ad Arona, statua colossale dedicata a San carlo Borromeo, seconda statua al mondo per altezza dopo la newyorkese Statua della Libertà (altezza 31,88 metri compreso il basamento, realizzata in lastre di rame battute a martello su disegno di Giovanni Battista Crespi e completata nel 1698. La statua può essere visitata al suo interno.